BrowniesHire of Stibbington Residential Centre:

by organised groups at weekends and school holidays


During weekends and school holidays Stibbington’s Residential Centre is available for hire by organised groups. For a description of the facilities see Stibbington Residential Centre and for the grounds see Stibbington Day Centre.


Those hiring the Centre are checked in and out by CEES staff and have full use of all facilities for the duration of their stay.


Group leaders who are interested in bringing a group to the Centre are very welcome to come along to look around prior to making a booking.  Please telephone during office hours to make an appointment.


The charge for hire of the Centre is £400+vat per period of up to 24 hours at weekends and in school holidays.


For Youth Uniformed organisations the charge for hire is £370 per period of up to 24 hours.


For general information about hiring the Centre click here.


All private hire are asked to ensure that they have the relevant hirer liability insurance for their stay.  


Please contact us for further details