Evacuation to Stibbington re-created today


Evacuation Day at Stibbington


Information for evacuees:


Children who are being evacuated to Stibbington Centre for a day should try to dress like children did in the 1940s.  These drawings show what children looked like, and the notes below give some suggestions about what you might wear.


Illustration of evacuee children


Everyone should wear:         

  • Shoes, boots or wellies (not trainers)

  • Woollen jumper or cardigan (not sweatshirt)

  • Shirt or blouse (not t-shirt)

Boys should wear a cap or woollen hat and they should have knee-length trousers.

Girls should wear a beret, headscarf or woollen hat and a knee-length dress or skirt.

On cold or wet days everyone should have a warm or waterproof coat.  This is important because the programme for the day includes a walk through the “wartime countryside”.  A modern coat will be fine if you don’t have an “old style” one.  For very cold days scarf, gloves and thick socks are useful too.


Other things to bring:


At school you will be making a gas mask box and a luggage label to bring with you.

From home you should choose either

  • A small “old style” doll or cuddly toy such as a teddy bear


  • Make yourself a parcel which you can pretend contains your favourite toys that you have chosen to take with you when you are evacuated.  The parcel should be quite small, eg shoe box or ice cream container size, and it should be wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.