Key Stage 3, 4 and 'A' Level courses

Checklist of CEES Courses for pupils at:


"" Stibbington (S), "" Burwell (B), ""Coldham Wind Farm (C) "" workshops in schools (X)

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Subject Course Title and Description Centre
Science Ecology, habitat diversity and food webs   Investigating adaptation, distribution and feeding relationships in pond, woodland and hedgerow habitats, plus activities on food webs, pyramids of numbers, and the accumulation of toxic materials in food chains.



  Energy, enquiry and experiment  Experimenting with renewable energy technology kits, examining the operating systems of a wind turbine and exploring issues related to the location of wind farms



Geography Rivers, flooding and the landscape Data collection relating to speed of flow and channel cross section, plus river processes including erosion, transport and deposition. Students will investigate the role of water in the landscape and assess the impact of flooding.