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West Town Primary School - 17th November

Wilted green manure plants dug into soil in bath.

Sacred Heart Primary School - 3rd November

Green manure plants in baths snipped back to willt on surface.

Westown Primary School - 14th November

Pansies in patio pots dead-headed.  Fallen leaves swept up.

Werington Primary - 12th October

Foraged for tree seeds, planted in pots

Werrington Primary School - 11th October

Green manure plants in baths 1,2 & 3 snipped back to allow foliage to wilt.

Werrington Primary School - 9th October

Dead flower heads snipped off lavender plants in herb garden.

Eynesbury Primary School - 5th October

Sweet william seeds in cold frame and salad leaves in bath 4 and pansies in tubs watered.