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Gas masksEvacuation Day

Spend a day in the life of a real child evacuated from London to Stibbington in the 1940s. You will find out about life in the countryside and have a lesson in the classroom.

Be prepared for a gas mask drill and an air raid. Don’t forget to wear your label and bring your gas mask box.


Bug hotel


Exploring minibeasts

Spend time searching different habitats to see which minibeasts like to live there — turn your hand to tree tickling, hedge beating and log rolling. Explore water creatures in the pond or at the nature reserve and visit the minibeast mansion.



Treasure TrailPirate’s Treasure Trail

Brush up your map skills to find the Pirate’s treasure. Use the key, compass and co-ordinates to work out where the clues are. The clues will tell you where to find the hidden loot.