Power Rangers


Power rangers

Energy saving tips

5 simple ways to save energy

  1. Switch off lights when you leave a room
  2. Don’t leave your television or computer on standby
  3. Put the plug in the basin when running hot water.
  4. Make a journey by foot instead of the using the car.
  5. Have a shower instead of a bath.

Click on the light bulb to find out about more ways of saving energy at home.

Non-renewable/Renewable Energy

Electricity is made from different sources of energy.

Bright sunSome of these energy sources have been made over millions of years and they cannot be replaced when they run out. These are NON-RENEWABLE.

Some energy sources can be used over and over again and should not run out. These are RENEWABLE.

Click on the sun to find out more about renewable and non-renewable energy.

Monthly Weather watch at Stibbington

weather graph.


The Power Rangers at Stibbington have recorded the temperature each day.

Click on the graph to see what the weather was like last month.


Click on the raincloud to find a weather recording sheet.


You can use this to keep an eye on the weather where you are.