Stibbington Residential What Ifs

What If?Will I enjoy the food?

We asked the cook and she said that lots of children say how delicious the food is and there is hardly ever food left over, especially once people have been up for seconds. Who could not love Stibby chocolate cake?

What are the bedrooms like?

When we ask children at the end of their stay what there favourite place is, lots of them choose the bedrooms.  Each room has the name of an animal, with a poem and pictures on the wall. You will sleep in bunk beds (there are 4 beds in most of the rooms) and there is a chest of drawers for you to put your clothes in.

What time will I go to bed?

That’s up to your teachers! Once you’ve had hot chocolate and a biscuit for supper you’ll be ready for bed at the end of a busy day.

What if I feel homesick?

We see lots of happy faces here at Stibbington. Everyone has so much fun and the time goes very quickly. Your teachers are always around to keep an eye on you.

Stella and StanleyCan I go to the toilet at night?

Yes of course. The toilets are always open and you can go whenever you need to in the night. We have some nightlights that can be plugged in if you are worried about the dark.

What activities will I do?

Your teachers will have a meeting with Rosie to plan the activities. You might do pond dipping, fossil hunting or hunt for pirate’s treasure. There are so many different things to do it is impossible to tell you them all, but most of them happen outside so be prepared with the right clothes.