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Below are a selection of comments left by VIYP who have visited at CEES.

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The food is great at the Crunchy Carrot Cafe! You've got to try it! JT

The rooms were really nice and spacious, with a great view of the site! JB

I really enjoyed Stibbington because you spend most of your time outside. The food is lovely and the suites are amazing! AK

You should go to Stibbington because you can do lots of fun things such as being a real evacuee. LA

The beds were very comfortable! KD

Stibbs was fun, especially disecting the owl pellets. The treasure hunt was tasty and the food was delicious! MP

I liked the treasure hunt. It was funny! They have got a nice wood there but it was a bit bumpy and rickety. SO

You should go to Stibbington. The food was great and you get seconds and thirds. It's fun sleeping there and the best part is you get to discover new things! JS

The best part about Stibbington was disecting the owl pellets. Even though it was disgusting, it was epic! Plus the food is good! TW

Stibbington is so much fun and the rooms are really comfy. The food is amazing. The classroom is so fun. The playground is awesome with a football goal and a trim trail. MF

Stibbington was amazing. When we watched the film it was so cool and the sofas were very comfy! KD

My favourite part of Stibbington was when we were in the forest looking at little insects. CC

You will regret it if you don't go to Stibbington becaus you have a range of activites to do, friendly teachers and lots of yummy food. XCK

Stibbington is great. The beds are really comfy and the food is really nice. AW

Stibbington is really fun because there are some really fun activities. They have the best food ever! MF

I liked doing the eco-passports especially the power rangers. LE

All above from Icknield Primary, Year 6, Stibbington Residential

I think it's very good to make a school for nature in the nature. Your friendliness had our hearts fulfilled. Thanks for this unforgettable experience.

With good wishes

Elena & Ricardo

Singschool Choir, Switzerland, Stibbington Residential

 If you want to get the BEST residential then I highly recommend Stibbington!

The teachers there are good at learning names, they help you and aren't boring!!! My favorite part of the residential was dissecting owl pellets! It may sound disgusting, but it is really very interesting! Trust me, I've been there and experienced it! It's very educational, because on the treasure hunt, you learn coordinates, you go pond dipping and much, much more! So what are you waiting for? Book it today!!!

Charlotte, Barrington CofE Primary, Y5&6, Stibbington Residential

You have got to go to Stibby, it is so cool. There is a treasure hunt (the prize is toffee) and the food is delicious. Hope you enjoy it when you get there. HL

You should really go to Stibby because there is so much you need to see and do. You can go pond dipping and there is a forest where you can build dens. At first I was really scared of going to Stibby but now I love it. It’s so fun!! LC

I enjoyed Stibbington because there were flags, food huts and even treasure trails. We slept for 4 nights and stayed for a week. I was worried at first but then I grew in confidence. You should go. IT’S FUN!! SW

Stibby is the best. You can see the BSG, it is great. There are fun activities. You have to go, it’s fun!!! AC

You should come to Stibbington because the activities are great!! You get to go pond dipping and go on a treasure hunt. SS

My favourite part of Stibbington was the whole week because we did an amazing pirate treasure hunt around the nature reserve that is humungous. We also did some pond dipping and found some interesting animals. SM

I loved the pond dipping. I liked it because of all the creatures. JF

For those of you who are thinking of going to Stibbington you really should go. When I went we did pond dipping and we went to Sulehay forest. I loved it. OP

Go to Stibby because the food is freshly cooked and there are lots of fun activities to do like the treasure hunt. GKL

My favourite part of the week was when we went looking for the badger sets. Some of them were huge. BC

My favourite bit of Stibby was the treasure hunt because I got to eat treasure and we got to get muddy in the puddles. You have to go to Stibby. LL

You should come to Stibbington because you’ll enjoy every day you are there. JS

Stibbington is amazing. AF

My favourite part of Stibbington was Sulehay forest because we saw badger sets and built hedgehog houses. BS

You have to go to Stibby because you do lots of fun and exciting things every day. CM

All above from Park Lane Primary, Year 4, Stibbington Residential

We would like to say a big thank you for providing us with a wonderful trip. The children really enjoyed it and have remembered a lot. The children wanted to make cards to show how much they enjoyed the day.
“I enjoyed tickling the trees.”
“I really enjoyed collecting coloured flowers.”
“Thank you for making the trip fun!”

South View Primary, Year 2, Minibeast Olympics.

The children were really buzzing. They all had a super time, as did the staff.

“Thanks a billion, I had an amazing time.”
“The experience of coming to Stibbington was the best.”
“The food was delicious. I loved the fruit salad and ice cream.”

Alconbury CE Primary School, Year 4, Stibbington Residential