Residential courses


Residential courses of 3 or 5 days offer opportunities for teachers to bring learning to life by using the specialist staff, resources and study locations at Stibbington to support their classroom work.


The residential experience also gives teachers a chance to observe their pupils in a different setting and to encourage the development of social skills, team building, healthy eating and environmental responsibility.


Learning activities are selected by school teachers in consultation with CEES staff, using the wide range of day course programmes offered at Stibbington.


Residential groups range from year 2 classes staying for 3 days on their first experience of a new locality, to year 6 groups on a pre-SATs Science course.


Outdoor activity


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Sample Programmes:


Sample programme: Year 3


Focus: GEOGRAPHY – Map skills, Locality study and Rivers



am Arrival, welcome presentation, unpacking and Eco Trail

pm Introduction to map skills and Pirates’ Treasure Trail at Stibbington nature reserve


am Introduction to Rivers, visit to the River Nene and field work at a small stream

pm River modelling processes including landscape, erosion and deposition


am Introduction to the locality of Stibbington, village photo trail, traffic survey, sound sensing and environmental quality

pm Evaluation, awards presentation and departure





Sample programme: Year 6


Focus: SCIENCE – Enquiry, Rocks, Habitats and Minibeasts



am Arrival, welcome presentation, unpacking and Eco Trail
pm Introduction to wetland habitat and investigative field work at Stibbington nature reserve including pond dipping, minibeast identification, keys and adaptation



am Introduction to rocks and site visit to a disused Jurassic limestone quarry for fossil hunting and soil making
pm Rocks workshops including appearance, texture, hardness and permeability, and rocks in the built environment trail



am Crime Scene Investigation – Scientific investigation including collecting and analysing evidence to solve the mystery of the missing treasure chest pm Evaluation, awards presentation and departure