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CEES has carried out extensive research into Victorian times, World War I and World War II in the Stibbington and Wansford area, and in Wisbech.


The research at Stibbington is centred on the old village school building with its period classroom, and also uses the village and church, documentary sources and oral history.

With its parlour, scullery, kitchen and laundry, Wisbech Castle provides an ideal setting for historical re-enactments involving domestic life.  Information from has been used to enhance the research at Wisbech.

A wealth of information is available for general interest and for use by teachers to support the very popular historical re-enactment theme days offered by CEES at Stibbington Centre and Wisbech Castle.

Key stage 1: Step Back in Time – to Queen Victoria’s days


Key stage 2: A Victorian Experience – Bringing history to life


Key stage 2: Life on the Home Front – The First World War


Key stage 2: Keep Smiling Through – An Evacuation experience


Victorian Times


Victorian resources web page

World War 1


Evacuation resources website

World War 11


Evacuation resources website