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classroomCEES has compiled this collection of learning resources to support Stibbington Centre’s Key Stage 2 Victorian day course programme and to complement the Key Stage 1 Step Back in Time day course programme. 


Resources include historical records, census data, family trees, maps and images from the village in the late 19th century.

The children and their families who feature in these resources are those used for role play on Stibbington Centre’s key stage 2 Victorian Day programme.




No: Resource Title Details
1 A map of Stibbington Village in 1896   
2 A record of selected children who attended Stibbington Board School in 1896 An Excel spreadsheet giving full details of the 34 children whose identities are used for role play during Stibbington Centre’s key stage 2 ‘Victorian Day ‘programme
3 Stibbington families, 1896 Background details about the 12 families whose children attended the school in 1896.
4 Stibbington family trees, 1896 Family trees for the 12 families.
5 Stibbington families gravespotting An Excel spreadsheet giving information from the gravestones of people related to the Victorian children
6 Extracts from census data for Stibbington 1901 Extracts from census data for Stibbington 1891 Data relating to the 12 families extracted from the census of 1891 and 1901
7 Stibbington Board School Log Book Selected extracts from 1890 to 1902
8 Images from Stibbington school and village
These are large files... please be patient!
A Powerpoint presentation of photos of the school, its pupils and the houses that existed in 1896, plus modern reconstructions of lesson time
9 Victorian artefacts and Victorian toys
These are large files... please be patient!
Two collections of images in Powerpoint showing some of the artefacts and toys used during Stibbington Centre’s Victorian Day programme.